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WWII Reenactors Nexus

9th SS Panzer Division "Hohenstaufen"

10th SS "Frundsberg" Infanterie Geschutz Kompanie

10th SS "Frundsberg" West Coast

1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler

135th Regiment of the 45th Infanterie Division

3. Kompanie, Infanterieregiment 226 79. ID

"Großdeutschland" 7. Kompanie

11th SS "Nordland"

♠ Company "E", 506th Parachute IR, 101st Airborne Div.

Bolshevik 193rd Rifle Division RKKA

II SS Panzer Korps


SS Officer Computer Research

WWII reenacting in Spain

Panzer Museum - Documents of the Third Reich




Lost Battalions - Uniforms

1944 Militaria - Uniforms/ field gear/ personal items

At The Front - Uniforms/ field gear

OstFront Militaria - field gear/ personal items/ other assorted goods

Landser Outfitters - Uniforms/gear/etc

Espenlaub Militaria - Original Uniforms/Gear

Italian Front - Italian Uniforms/Gear

WWII Impressions - GI Uniforms/equipment

Service of Supply - GI gear

Blue Max Militaria

Reenactor Stuff

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10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg - 3rd Kompanie Aufklärungs Abteilung

WW2 German Reenacting