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By laws

No uniform parts with any identifying symbols or patches are to be worn going to or from any event.
No uniform parts with any identifying symbols or patches are to be worn off post.


Definition of Overnight for our purposes:
Overnight events will be from Friday night through Sunday morning.

Candidate Member

Candidacy will be limited to 18 months and the minimum required battles is set at 6, of which 3 must be overnighters.

After which the candidate is eligible to be voted in as a Full Member. The battle requirement can be extended if deemed necessary. Candidacy can be terminated by a 2/3 vote of members present.

Does not have a right to vote on unit matters.

Cannot wear the Frundsberg cufftitle.

Must comply with all unit rules, regulations, and authenticity requirements.

Must obey all orders in the field/combat.

Has the right to participate in unit discussions and meetings.

Is eligible to receive medals and commendations.

Full Member

Must complete a candidacy. (see Candidate member)

Must make a minimum of 4 events per calendar year, 2 must be an overnighter, in order to remain a full member in good standing. These requirements can be reviewed each year.
If a candidate is voted to full member the events will be prorated as needed. (i.e. if voted on in June, then required events would be 2 with 1 being an overnighter, for the remainder of the year.)

Must comply with all unit rules, regulations, and authenticity requirements.

Must obey all orders in the field/combat.

Has the right to vote on all unit matters.

Has the right to wear the Frundsberg cufftitle.

Can hold a command position of rank, as long as all requirements are met.

If a Full member drops to an Associate member.  As long as full membership requirements are met within 1 year of becoming an Associate member, automatic reinstatement to full member will be instituted. After 1 year, a vote will be required before full member status can be reinstated.

Associate Member

Must complete a candidacy. (see Candidate member)

Can be a Full member who cannot make the required 4 events per calendar year, but wishes to remain within the unit.

Will forfeit the right to vote on unit matters. Can voice an opinion or concern, but can not vote.

Cannot hold any rank above Oberschütze, but may be assigned temporary rank at an event.

Has the right to wear the Frundsberg cufftitle. Is eligible to receive medals and commendations.

Must comply with all unit rules, regulations, and authenticity requirements.

Must obey all orders in the field/combat.

Minors as members. Basic guidelines will be:

Minor must be minimum age of 13. Each will be looked at on a case by case basis.

All Minors must apply to the EC and be reviewed by the EC.

Parent or Guardian(P/G) must be a Full or Assoc member.

Minor will not attend an event without the P/G.

Minor will not carry a weapon, until reviewed and seen as capable. Some events restrict this anyway.

After the EC has reviewed the minor, the minor will then become Candidate member.

Upon completeing the Candidacy the minor can be voted to an Associate member status.


Dues will be $25 for Full and Associate members, $12 for Candidate members.
Dues must be paid in full by the December meeting for the following year.
Dues will be accepted from September 1st up to the December meeting.

If dues are not paid in full prior to January 1st, the member will be put on suspension from all unit activities.
If dues are still not paid by March 1st, the member could be dropped from the roster.

Official events

For an event to be an authorized unit event that counts towards membership or other time requirements;

50% of voting members must attend(be at) the event;
Or 3 of the executive committe are present at an event;
Or the event has been designated as an official event prior to the event, regardless of how many attend.

Official Meetings

In order for a meeting to be authorized to conduct unit business, 2/3 of the voting membership must be present. Two of which must be members of the executive committee

Command structure

Eligibility requirements

Only full members in good standing will be eligible for a command position.

Must have made 50% + 1 of the unit events.  Must be a full member for 1 year.

Command will be voted on by the unit membership at the annual meeting in December.

Each position up for vote will need a nomination and a second to be considered for vote.

The vote will be a closed ballot and the majority vote will win.

The new command structure will take over, on the Friday night, at the annual Battle of the Bulge event.

Executive Committee (a.k.a. EC)

5 persons from the unit command structure will make up the EC.

The unit CO will be the chairman of the EC.

This committee will manage the daily unit business and interprets and enforces the unit rules and regulations.

When new issues or problems arise, the EC will review the rules and regulations and make a recommendation to the unit membership, before enforcing them.


A member of the command structure can be removed from office for good cause by a 2/3 plus 1 vote in favor of removal by the voting membership.


To make someone a member or to remove a member requires a 2/3 vote in favor of the action, by the voting members present at an official meeting. This vote will be by closed ballot.

All other voting will be by open vote and requires a majority (51%) of the members present to be approved.


All awards are for members in good standing.

Time starts counting after being voted in as an Associate or Full member.

Candidates can receive any awards upon the recommendation of the membership.

Infantry Assault

   Bronze: 10 Battles.

General Assault (awarded to non-combatant/non-grenadier. i.e. medic, photographer)

   Bronze: 10 Battles.

Close Combat Clasp

   Bronze: 20 Battles or an act of valor.

   Silver: Valor only at command discretion. Must have EK1

Iron Cross 2nd class (EK2)

   1 Act of valor

Iron Cross 1st class (EK1)

   1 Act of valor

Honor Roll Clasp

   Awarded to those full members who constantly perform both on & off the field, at events & personal time, with high            attendance and constantly reliable. Those who who accept responsiblity with are without being asked.
   Must have EK2.

German Cross in Gold

   Valor only at Command discretion. This is the highest award we will give out.

War Merit under review

   With swords

   Without swords

   Given for non combat service

Eastern Front medal

   Must attend any 5 events between the dates of November 1st through April 1st.

   Must be a camp out style event. Barracks events do not count.

Wound Badge

   Must be a real life injury.  All grades will be subject to review by the EC.

   Black: 1-2 injuries

   Silver: 3-4 injuries (broken bones will automatically get silver)

  Gold: 5 injuries (life threatening injury will automatically get gold)

  Safety record will be examined after being awarded the gold.

Tank Destruction

   You must survive the attack and have two witnesses. Witnesses can be the opposing forces.

   Armored half track with two 30 cal or one 50 cal minimum.

  Greyhound with 50 cal minimum


Anti-Partisan badge under review

Snipers badge under review

Carry over awards from another unit

   The only awards allowed are:

   Infantry Assault Bronze

   General Assault Bronze

   Close Combat Bronze